Boulvard Kukulcan (km 8.5), Plaza Terramar, Local 6, (opposite Hotel Riu Palace)

77500 Cancún, Mexico

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Hair & Beauty Salon


Correct and treat your complexion with exceptional products from the renowned Spanish Skin Care brand which infuse your skin with active ingredients to leave it feeling fully hydrated, nourished and rebalanced. This is a hands-on facial that is customised to suit all skin types which intensely brightens dull and uneven skin tones, revealing a luminous, clear and pure complexion.

Spa Facial Treatments
Facials are designed to clean and moisturize your skin. In addition, facials also remove the rough, dead skin that is on the surface of your face. The result is a soft, glowing appearance.

At its simplest, a facial consists of cleansing the skin, a steam bath and a facial massage. The next step up would be to use hypoallergenic moisturizers on your skin.
From here, spa facial treatments can get more interesting. You can choose from paraffin facials, where a paraffin mask is applied to your face to help seal in special treatments such as rejuvenating creams. In addition, the paraffin itself helps to soften your skin. An aromatherapy facial uses special oils to heal the skin, promote skin growth and relax you at the same time. A collagen facial includes applying a masque over freeze dried collagen to protect your face against harmful environmental factors and the aging process.